History and Mission

Belknap EDC was founded in 1992 as the Belknap County Economic Development Council. In 2012, we shortened our name to Belknap EDC. We are one of ten non-profit regional development corporations in the state of NH. Our primary mission is to promote economic vitality in Belknap County and the greater Lakes Region. Belknap EDC’s strategic goals are:

1.    Retain and attract young talent.

2.    Support creative entrepreneurs.

3.    Enhance workforce development programs.

4.    Be a pro-active catalyst, partner, investor, and/or owner in property development that enhances quality of place or economic opportunity in Belknap County.

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Success Stories

Here are some examples of past projects that Belknap EDC has been part of:

J.Jill Group, Tilton

In 1999, Belknap EDC was designated the sub-recipient of a $1 million dollar Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from Belknap County; these funds were lent to J.Jill Group to finance equipment for their new distribution center in Tilton. This project created over 500 new jobs.

Riverfront Place, Tilton

In 1999, Lakes Region Investment Partners (the real estate arm of Belknap EDC) purchased Tilton Endless Belt to save it from being razed, and then invested significantly to mitigate the environmental issues on the site, later selling it to a local developer. The building was beautifully restored and turned into a professional office building called Riverfront Place, which houses multiple local businesses and organizations today.

Church Landing, Meredith

In 2004, Belknap EDC was the sub-recipient of a $330,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Town of Meredith. Belknap EDC lent these funds to Hampshire Hospitality Holdings for the Church Landing project, which is part of the Inns & Spa at Mill Falls. The project created 18 new jobs.

Scott & Williams Building, Laconia

In 2006, Belknap EDC provided interim financing for Lakes Region Child Care Center during the conversion of Scott & Williams to Normandin Square in Laconia.

Beacon Street West, Laconia

Belknap EDC provided the first $500,000 in financing for this mill/condo conversion project in downtown Laconia, which sparked interest and eventually financing from other investors.