Lakes Creative Economy

This project is a joint initiative of Belknap EDC, Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, and Lakes Region Tourism Association that began in the summer of 2012. Our mission is to support the growth of a strong creative arts sector in the Lakes Region. Our vision for 2020 is that the Lakes Region will have a vibrant creative arts community that is valued and supported by residents and visitors.

In 2013, Lakes Creative Economy will carry out the following activities:

1.       Facilitate quarterly Arts Roundtables of creative artists and businesses interested in supporting the arts in the Lakes Region. The purpose of these roundtables is to encourage artists and businesses to partner in new ways and to educate local artists about tools available to them to help them promote their work. 

2.       Establish a central, on-line “Arts & Entertainment Calendar” for the Lakes Region.

3.       Establish an on-line “Arts & Entertainment Directory” for the Lakes Region.