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Become a Belknap EDC Investor

Suggested Contribution

500+ Employees: $1,500.00

250-500 Employees: $1,000.00

 101-249 Employees: $500.00

1-100 Employees: $250.00

Non-Profit Organization: $100.00

Individual: $75.00

As a Belknap EDC investor, you are featured on our website,, and in our Annual Report. These public acknowledgements identify you as a forward-thinking member of our local business community who is committed to tackling the long-term economic development challenges that our region faces.  In recent years, Belknap EDC has focused its economic development strategy on three important goals: 


1. Develop a business-friendly culture that fosters entrepreneurship and encourages an increase in the number and diversity of businesses that establish, maintain, and expand in all communities in Belknap County. 

2. Strengthen county, regional, state, national, and international partnerships and collaboration to ensure the county’s economic success.


3. Attracting and stewarding diverse capital to serve the evolving needs of our businesses and communities. 

Belknap EDC is proud to play a leadership role in collaborative efforts to strengthen connections between the emerging workforce and local businesses, to create marketing campaigns and programs that demonstrate the benefits of living and working here, and to support entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.   


Your continued investment makes our work possible. Thank you for your support. 


To become an investor, mail a check to 383 S. Main Street, Laconia NH. Checks should be made payable to Belknap EDC.  Feel free to contact with any questions.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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