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Belknap EDC


Belknap EDC is committed in its leadership efforts to leverage new resources, build strong partnerships, and attract new investments to create better economic opportunities for the New Hampshire Lakes Region’s residents and businesses. Our role is to act as a catalyst for community and economic development. We identify projects that will enhance the quality of a place and the quality of our local workforce, and then we secure funding to turn those ideas into reality, collaboratively building a sustainable economic future.

History and Mission


Belknap EDC was founded in 1992 as the Belknap County Economic Development Council. In 2012, we shortened our name to Belknap EDC. We are one of ten non-profit regional development corporations in the state of New Hampshire. Our primary mission is to promote economic vitality in Belknap County and the Greater Lakes Region. Belknap EDC’s strategic goals are:​

Develop a business-friendly culture that fosters entrepreneurship and encourages an increase in the number and diversity of businesses that establish, maintain, and expand in all communities in Belknap County


Strengthen county, regional, state, national, and international partnerships and collaboration to ensure the County's economic success.


Attracting and stewarding diverse capital to serve the evolving needs of our businesses and communities.


Click here to read about what we accomplished in 2022.

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