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The time and energy Belknap EDC has dedicated to address our region’s long-term workforce needs has lead to the development of many partnerships and community connection between organizations and businesses.

Between early childhood education to the public and private business sectors of this unique market place Belknap EDC strives to be the conduit of service and content needs for economic development.  Delivering leadership to connect primary schools, secondary education facilities and industry has led to the development of new curriculum programs, certificates, and degrees that address the challenges in recruitment and retention of a workforce that enable businesses to reach goals and long term growth.

Additionally, continued education and support for business development, growth planning, and startups launches is necessary in Belknap County as a leading environment to support creative entrepreneurship.  The market today shows that the quality of life that allows for freelance and consultant style employment opportunities to continue to expand.


Belknap EDC continues to work collaboratively with these regional partners to bring the desired support services for business development.

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