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Harper's Precision Powder Coating: A Belknap EDC Success Story

Peter Harper was inspired to establish a powder coating workshop in the Lakes Region, when he realized that motorcycle components, vehicle rims, and various other items required shipment to distant powder coating facilities or required traveling across state lines to receive the service. He decided to open Precision Powder Coating right here in the town of Meredith.

Peter’s journey into the world of powder coating commenced while he lived in Maine, where he dabbled with the technique sporadically. However, it wasn’t until recently that he committed himself wholeheartedly to this craft. Eager to bring a solution closer to home, he procured a dedicated building and invested in the equipment necessary to make his vision a reality.

During the process of procuring the ideal location for Precision Powder Coating, Peter worked closely with Chris Walkley at Bank of New Hampshire. Chris, recognizing the potential of Peter’s vision, introduced him to The Belknap Economic Development Council (BEDC). The BEDC was well-equipped to provide valuable guidance and explore additional financing avenues for Peter, complementing the efforts of Bank of New Hampshire. “The executive director, Justin Slattery worked tirelessly with Chris Walkley at Bank of NH so that we could get this done. With BEDC’s help I was able to get a portion of the down payment financed.” said Peter.

Since the grand opening of Precision Powder Coating in July, the response from the local community and beyond has been exceptional. The business has experienced a substantial surge in demand, solidifying its position as the go-to destination for high-quality powder coating services in the region.

What truly distinguishes Precision Powder Coating from its competitors is its commitment to providing an all-encompassing service that goes above and beyond the industry standard. While many powder coating facilities traditionally require customers to deliver individual parts, such as wheels sans tires, Harper Coatings prides itself on its expansive workshop, equipped with the capacity and expertise to disassemble and reassemble tires on behalf of their clients. This exceptional level of service is unparalleled and stands as a unique offering that sets Harper Coatings apart in the powder coating sector. By accommodating the full spectrum of their customers' needs, from the initial part removal to the final beautifully coated result, Precision Powder Coating has redefined the customer experience in a way no other powder coating shop has achieved. This holistic approach not only saves customers time and effort but also showcases Precision Powder Coating’s dedication to ensuring that every aspect of the powder coating process is handled with utmost care and precision.

Peter considers himself fortunate to have his son and girlfriend actively contributing to the flourishing enterprise that is Precision Powder Coating. However, the impressive growth and success of the business have reached a point where the need for additional personnel has become evident. To accommodate the expanding demand for their services, Peter is currently in the process of recruiting two more skills individuals who share his passion for powder coating craftsmanship.

Peter’s vision for Precision Powder Coating extends beyond the conventional scope of a powder coating shop. He aspires to establish lasting partnerships with builders, positioning the company as the go-to solution for coating brackets and various custom components used in the construction of distinctive homes. The invaluable asset in this pursuit is Precision Powder Coating’s impressive 14-foot oven, capable of accommodating substantial parts, which equips Peter to handle an extensive array of items with precision and efficiency. One recent testament to their versatility is the complete powder coating transformation of an entire patio furniture ensemble. This project included a range of components, from tables and chairs to barstools, showcasing the broad spectrum of items that Peter and his team are adept at enhancing with their powder coating expertise.

As they look to the future, Peter and his team remain dedicated to delivering high-quality powder coating services. Precision Powder Coating is more than just a business; it’s a symbol of local innovation and dedication that continues to grow and thrive.


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