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Woodland Heights Elementary School Donates to the Colonial Theater Project

Woodland Heights Elementary School Students and Principal, Eric Johnson (back row, middle), with Justin Slattery, Executive Director of Belknap EDC.

Woodland Heights Elementary School of Laconia, has recently donated to Belknap EDC and their Colonial Theater Project. The school’s generous donation goes directly back into the community by helping to revitalize the infamous Colonial Theater and its transformation into a civic auditorium.

Located at 609 Main Street in the heart of downtown Laconia, the Colonial Theater has long been of great interest to city and business leaders. Both Woodland Heights and Belknap EDC recognize the importance of improving the well-being of Laconia for not only the locals but also the local businesses that make up the city's robust economy.

Quote from Woodland Heights school.

Woodland Heights is an Elementary School on Winter Street that is a part of the Laconia School District. Accommodating around 400 students, Woodland Heights acts as a crucial affiliate to the city’s residents and their children.

To learn more about the Colonial Theater Project, click here!


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