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Lakes Region Students and Manufacturers Celebrate Manufacturing Month

Several Lakes Region manufacturers opened their doors throughout October as part of a statewide celebration of advanced manufacturing. Hundreds of area students participated in tours of local manufacturers and Lakes Region Community College learning more about cutting edge careers in advanced manufacturing. “There is so much opportunity in this field,” said Justin Slattery, Executive Director of Belknap EDC regarding the reason for organizing the events. “We want students and the general public to know that they can make a great living right here doing creative and rewarding work at one of the many advanced manufacturers in the Lakes Region.”

“I’m thankful to the wonderful businesses who graciously opened their doors to the students of Belmont High School and other local schools during NH Manufacturing Month,” said Amy Burke of Belmont High School. She added, “These tours not only open doors to career opportunities but also the eyes and minds of many students who were unaware of what’s being created and produced in their own Lakes Region community! Students walked away feeling excited about the internship and college on-site opportunities. They were also impressed during the tour of the Lakes Region Community College – Advanced Manufacturing program as most of them have never stepped inside the “new” building.”

David Storez, Belmont High School Senior, stated, “It was nice to see how the products that we use every day, such as in our house or vehicles, were made. I, myself, am really interested in Milpower because of what they produce that help people in times of need.”

Lexy Reed, Belmont High School Sophomore, added, “I really liked this trip because there was a lot to see! I liked seeing how much technology has changed and how much is in involved in manufacturing. I liked seeing how friendly the people were to one another and how well they worked together which made it look like a fun place to work! It was also cool meeting up with another school at Watts and having pizza with them and knowing we were all there for the same event!”

Jason Pessolano, Belmont High School Sophomore, stated, “I appreciate the time the businesses took out of their day to show us their products and to explain the process in great detail versus just breezing through it. It made a good impression to us students!”

Anyone interested in learning about local educational programs that will give you a leg up in the advanced manufacturing field, can visit,, and for more information.

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