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Colonial Theater Vision

The Colonial Theater development project in Laconia is comprised of three distinct mixed-use developments, which include renovations of the historic Colonial Theater, renovation of former apartment units into marketable residential or commercial use and four storefront commercial units. The total sq. footage of the

property is approximately 39,000 and it is located in downtown Laconia.

The Theater will be rebuilt with modern technology, accessibility upgrades, extensive historic rehabilitation and have capacity for 750 patrons. It will be able to host various types of cultural arts activities including live stage performances and musical acts. The City of Laconia will be the master tenant of the theater and manage its’ operations. The residential units will include fixtures and features that are sought after by

millennials and baby-boomers alike and add an attractive building to the downtown area, which will increase

property values.

The project is one of the largest historic preservation projects in state history, while its’ design, performance and technical capacity will make it one of the most advanced civic auditoriums in New Hampshire. A project of this size requires significant partnership with many investors including the City of Laconia, federal and state economic development tax incentives programs, business and community support, partnership with the Cultural Arts Center of the Lakes Region (CACLR) and grant awards to build a funding plan for construction, which currently totals $11.2 million. The current project schedule plans for construction to last about a year and start in fall 2019.

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