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Live Free Water: A Belknap EDC Success Story

Drinking water that’s locally sourced, high quality, and eco-friendly might sound too good to be true. But luckily for the businesses and residents of the Lakes Region, Live Free Water offers 5-gallon jugs of their world class water right to your front door.

“Our business is to provide a cleaner alternative to disposable plastic bottles in the form of a 5-gallon, reusable water bottle,” says Jack, the company’s President of Marketing and VP of Finance. These bottles are made out of eco-friendly pvc, and save 50-pint size bottles per use.

Live Free Water is proud to source their water locally, from the beautiful mountains of Alton, NH. New Hampshire springs have less pollution, and offer cleaner and crisper drinking water. The goal of Live Free Water is to deliver the best tasting spring water at the best prices to their customers.

Unlike large water companies, Live Free Water does not add additional fees for their services, making it the most affordable option for their customers. The company also offers coolers and dispensers, which are delivered directly to your front door.

Live Free Water was founded by four friends and co-workers. Danny, Luciano, Ethan, and Jack all worked together at a marina on Lake Winnipesaukee, where they loved working with people and creating meaningful relationships with their customers. Their passion for customer service and desire to provide an eco-friendly option for drinking water, led them to reach out to Justin, at the Belknap Economic Development Council, who helped get their dream off the ground.

“We want to thank Belknap EDC for their guidance and financial support,” said Jack. “The Belknap EDC helped get our business off the ground,” said Ethan, the company’s President of Sales.

The Belknap Economic Development Council helped to connect the gentlemen of Live Free Water with the resources they needed to be successful. Justin Slattery, Belknap EDC Executive Director says, “Every day at Belknap EDC we work to support people like Ethan and Jack get their dreams off the ground.”


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