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Pie Guys Pizzeria: A Belknap EDC Success Story

“Our passion is pizza,” says Matthew Nichols, Owner of Pie Guys Pizzeria on Route 104 in Meredith. The pizzeria is located in the Ocean State Job Lot plaza and offers a wide selection of pizzas and toppings for all to enjoy.

Since its opening in February, customers have been filing in for Pie Guys’ delicious pizzas, breadsticks, and even some tasty baked goods. It's the perfect place to stop on your lunch break. Matthew says, “the lunchtime pizza slices have been a hit!”

It all started a year ago when Matthew, who had an idea to open a business, teamed up with Justin Slattery, Executive Director of Belknap EDC for support in bringing his ideas and passion for pizza to life. Through Belknap EDC, Matthew was able to get the financing he needed to make his dream a reality.

“He was a great help,” Matthew says. “Justin took the time to understand where we were coming from and the passion we were putting into this. Now we’re open seven days a week.” Matthew adds, “I would like to thank Belknap Economic Development Council and Justin for helping us get our dream off the ground.”

Justin responded, “We’re so happy to support Pie Guys and the team here in Meredith. We’ve really enjoyed working with Matthew. He has done a fantastic job these first few months, and we are excited for Pie Guys continued success.”


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